Xiaomi Mi NoteBook 14 with lower price, New core i3

The Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook 14 coming with lower price, Xiaomi 14  lower price with Core i3 CPU and also in-built  webcam coming soon in india.

Mi Notebook 14

The Xiaomi has said to that Xiaomi notebook  14 lower price coming soon in india, it is a really affordable Mi Notebook has plan to be launch soon in india.

The xiaomi said to launch this affordable mi notebook 14 with ab integrated webcam.

The Xiaomi company said that it will be soon launch a new Variant of the MI notebook 14 in india, the Xiaomi  said this variant’s priced is lower than earlier Xiami mi notebook 14.

The upcoming notebook 14 have a 10th-gen Core i3 processor, and also it have a embedded webcam.

If we talk about it’s specifications so it’s specifications likely similar to the current Xiami Mi notebook 14.

The Xiaomi has not told the price of upcoming Mi Notebook 14 wich has comes with the core i3 processor.

If we talk about current Mi Notebook 14’s price so it’s cost is RS 41,999. Xiaomi has not told the upcoming notebook’s price but we guess about its price according to the current mi notebook 14 price.

According to Xiaomi’s announcement Xiaomi has said the upcoming Mi notebook 14 has lower price from current mi 14 notebook.

We think to according lower price it’s price may be around RS 35,000-38,000.

The Xiaomi India’s chief Manu kumar jain tweeted in the twitter the details of up coming MI Notebook 14 with,

According to tweet the Mi notebook 14 come with a core i3 processor and has 256GB SSD.

The laptop has slightly thicker bezels in it’s screen and also have a embedded  webcam. The after see the image of laptop it’s guess it’s weight around 1.5kGs, it’s likely similar to current Xiaomi mi notebook 14.

While we will see what the Mi NoteBook 14 brings to the table and at what price, if Xiaomi doesn’t change the laptop much, and prices it around Rs 35,000, it should become one of the top laptops in its segment. When we reviewed the Mi NoteBook 14, we found it to be a very capable laptop with good hardware, including a SSD and 8GB RAM.

It’s keyboard and build quality is also quite good, although the trackpad is on the smaller side.

A Xiaomi Mi NoteBook  14, with the same screen and design we have a seen in it so far, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM and the Core i3 processor at a price of around Rs 35,000-38,000 will be extremely compelling.

in This time we have not a launch date of new Xiaomi Mi notebook 14 , but according to tweet from manu kumar jain we have guess the it is coming soon in upcoming week.

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