who is the founder of whatsapp

Whatsapp app, whatsapp download and use of whatsapp.

Whatsapp download, whatsapp almost all use, many questions also arise about whatsapp security.

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Hello friends, my name is SK Naim ali Today I will tell you in this post some things of whatsapp you are looking for.

Who founded whatsapp?

Whatsapp has been discovered by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, and whatsapp has been associated with facebook since 2014.

The WhatsApp you are running today, Facebook has bought it completely,

Motive of launching whatsapp?

If seen, whatsapp was created as an SMS sending app in Suruat.

But whatsapp got updated with time and today you can send video call, sms chat, link share, file sending, voice call, audio, video photos through whatsapp.

Whatsapp claims that whatsapp is completely safe and works on end to end encryption.

End to end encryption means that when you are using whatsapp then someone with chat or video, then no other person can get your messages.

Meaning you can chat with your family and friends in a safe way.

Huge users using whatsapp?

Friends, users who run whatsapp are very much in the world, about 3billions of people use whatshapp in the world.

Free service from whatsapp?

Whatsapp gives you free service means you make free voice and video calls in whatsapp
Messages are also done for free.

Whatsapp is a free app but to run whatsapp you need to have internet, without internet whatsapp does not work.

Chatting experience on whatsapp?

Whatsapp is very different from other chatting apps, it has lots of stickers and imojis which enhances the experience of chatting of users.

Whatsapp is safe or note?

If whatsapp is as safe as whatsapp claims, then how do people take privet messages.

No ads are visible in Whatsapp, how to become a owner of whatsapp billions of dollars without ads.

If you use an app like facebook or instagram, then there are ads in them, whose advertisers pay money to facebook and instagram, due to which it earns so much money.

But have you ever wondered whatsapp makes money?

In Whatsapp, you do not get to see any kind of ad, that is, whatsapp earns money by selling your data.

Whatsapp sells your data to other companies, which can also become a problem for you, all the other contacts you have on your mobile are also at risk.

Whatsapp can use your data?

Yes, whatsapp can store and use your data, if there has been a froud with you or you are under investigation, then whatsapp stores your data and chat on the instructions of the details?.

Can whatsapp hacked easy?

Friends, if we talk about the security of whatsapp, then the security of whatsapp is not so strong, experts believe that whatsapp can be easily hacked by hackers.

Friends, my advice is that if you use whatsapp, then do not give some of your sensitive information in whatsapp.

If you delete chat as well as chat, then you can save your chats from being leaked.

Whatsapp is very easy masseging aap, you must run it but with little care.

whatsapp has been hacked many times before, but in the coming time, whatsapp will improve its security.

How to download whatsapp?

To download Whatsapp, you first go to the playstore, then search whatsapp and download the app that is on the first number. Click now for download .

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