What is Paytm mini app store,on android,New app store

Paytm mini app store,What is Paytm android mini app store

Recently, after Google removed the app of Indian developers from google’s playstore and after some apps got notice, paytm has launched app store for indian app developers.

What is Paytm small app store on android,New app store

Paytm which is a digital payment platform, paytm has launched its mini android app store to support Indian developers.

In this Android mini app store of Paytm, Paytm will list these apps for free and launch them,

Paytm has said that app developers can also provide Upi net banking, paytm payment bank, paytm wallet and card for paying their users.

If you talk about how many apps service providers have joined this app so far, then let us tell you that more than 300 apps have joined this program.

This mini android app store of Paytm has so far added this programme to over 300 apps service providers like Ola, Rapido, Decathlon, Park +, Domino’s pizza, FreshMenu, 1MG, and NoBroker.

Now let’s talk about how the paytm mini aap store will be, in this mini app store of paytm you will get lots of apps but it will be all apps in web version.

This means that you used to get a lot of MB in your phone to download the aaps, now you will find all these apps in paytm mini app store in html and javascript in web version.

Meaning now you do not need to download the hard app and it will also keep your phone’s storage empty.

With the help of Paytm mini app store, Indian small developers can start their buisness in low budget, make their web app with jawascript and html and list their app in Paytm mini app store.

0% charge for using paytm payment bank, paytm wallet, and upi, 2% will be charged if using credit card and other methods.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder and CEO, Paytm. Vijay Shekhar Sharma has said that Paytm Mini App Store will empower our Indian developers and empower them to access our access and payment system.

It also has a lot of benefits for Paytm users, and they will be able to use Paytm to pay after shopping on any apps here.

Paytm has said that the purpose of launching our local India’s aap store is Atmanirbhar Bharat ‘mission.

It comes with a developer dashboard for analytics, payments collection along with various marketing tools to engage with the users.

Paytm small app store is currently on developper mode, after a few days it will be available to all.

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