What is domain,types of domains.

what is domain, what is domain?

hello friends my name is sk naim ali.

and in today’s article we will talk about what is domain and what domain is useful, so let’s know.

What is domain?

What is domain, friends, what is domain, You may think this but do you know ,

that domain name your own name can be your shop name or your business, name which is known as domain name on internet.

What is a Domain Name?

Friends, you need to know what kind of domain name it is like friends, if your name is suraj, then if you want to create a website with your name,

then you have to buy domain name (suraj.com), and if you want to use your shop name If you are creating a website, then suppose your shop name is ravi electronics,

then you will have to buy something like domain name (ravielectronics.com) ,which means your name is known as domain name on internet.

What are the types of domain names?

Popular domains?

Friends as I told you in world of internet your name is seen as the name of your shop website and that name is called domain,

then how many types of domains are there, friends domains are very different types like (Ravielectronics.com) You can use more domains like .In, .Net, .Co.,. Co.in, .Blog.,. Stor, .xyz, instead of .com.

Friends, if you have understood how many domain names are there, and what the domain name is,

then let us know which are the most popular domain names. Friends, all these domain names are popular only In, .Net, .Co.,. Co. in, .Blog.,. Stor, .xyz,

but these are the most commonly used three domain names .com .in .net If you want to start a personal website or blog, you can use them.

Domain for india?

Friends, if you are Indian and you want your website or blog to rank in India, then the best domain for you is .in which is for India,

but if you want your website or blog to rank all over the world. So you can go with .com etc. but if you want to work specialy in India, then you must go with .in.

Friends, I hope that this article will work for you, my aim is that I share all the information I have with you, share the blog and comment your discussion.


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