Tik tok money vs YouTube money which one is the best

Tik tok vs youtube Which app is the best?

Tik tok money vs YouTube money which one is the best for make money

Tik tok money vs YouTube money which one is the best for make money
Tik tok money vs YouTube money which one is the best for make money

The effect of tik tok app in the world is very much on people

Tik tok is a Chinese company bytdance app which is the most downloaded app for making short videos in the world and a video is made on any music or sound that belongs to the other just lypsing on tik tok and You can make short videos by acting.Tik tok money

If you talk about youtube then youtube is google app and more big content is uploaded on it which is original content which you can earn a lot of money by uploading on youtube.

Can I earn money from tik tok Tik tok money

Short videos are uploaded on Tik tok in which someone else has music or voice song which means everything in tik tok is copyrighted, just tik tokers are lypsing, due to which at least in time the video is ready to be made i.e. less effort. I can make a lot of videos during the day,Tik tok money

But despite making a lot of videos, you cannot earn from tik tok because ads like tik tok do not get ads like youtube, but if you have fan following in your millions, then by coming live in tik tok and promoting brand, make some money You can earn, and with the help of tik tok, you can increase your fan following on other social platforms.Tik tok money

A mistake and tik tok account block?

But due to a mistake in a video on tik tok, tik tok can block your account forever.

And months of hard work can be wasted. If you talk about career on tik tok then there is no career on tik tok. You can make a career from tik tok if you have fan following in your millions, then you can get a chance to performence on tv movie or album songs.

Can youtube make money?

YouTube is a great app that gives a chance to monetize your videose, working on youtube is a very difficult task because youtubers have to make a video by writing their own script.There is no copyrighted content if you have copyrighted content in youtube. If you are not only incomplete with the video that has copyrighted content, if you upload a video on YouTube that spreads some wrong massage in the society, then YouTube only deletes the video which has the wrong massages. Like tok does not block your account forever.

The best part of youtube is that you do not need millions of fans to earn money like tik tok, anyone can make good income on youtube with 40 to 50 thousand subscribers which is a very good thing. There are two ways to earn money from youtube brand promotion and adsens ad If youtube gets a lot of views on videos, then you can earn a lot of money from youtube but tik tok does not give you 1 rupee on millions views.

Career on youtube?

A career can be made on YouTube, people who do not get jobs or those who do jobs, they all think of making apna career on YouTube because YouTube is a company app of Google, then people believe on YouTube, if the channel on youtube If subscribers become thousands or millions, then you can incom for a long time from a youtube channel, that’s why career can be made on youtube.

Tik tok is surrounded by controversies in India due to which the account of Indian tik tokers remains in danger at all times, the demand to ban tik tok in India is raised because many videos of tik tok promotes crime, but youtube But there is no dispute about videose, that’s why youtube is a safe and best app to make a career from tik tok.

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