ThinkPad X1 Fold word’s first foldable PC

ThinkPad X1 Fold word’s first foldable PC.

Lenovo has announced about its new Thinkpad , this thinkpad X1 Fold is very special, you may not have seen such a thinkpad before.

ThinkPad X1 Fold word’s first foldable PC

The name of this thinkpad is: ThinkPad X1 fold, it has a 13-inch OLED laptop screen, and can preorder it for only $ 2,499, which is its starting price.

You will also be able to fold the ThinkPad X1 fold like a big tablet and fold the screen in two.

You’ll be able to fold it horizontally and use it as a 13-inch notbook.
with an optional detachable keyboard and easel stand.

You will be able to fold this TinkPad X1 fold up to 90 digree, in addition you will be able to turn it vertically and use it as a miniature laptop. Because it (a touchscreen keyboard pops up on the bottom half.

Thinkpad X1 can be used horizontally as a book by turning it which is quite intresting. Because in this you have been given stylus. With the help of which you can write anything.

It will be so foldable that you will be able to use it in many ways, and it can be carried anywhere very easily.

Thinkpad X1fold specs?

In Thinkpad X1fold you get some other featurs like this, the production Fold that you get with 11th Gen Intel processors,

ThinkPad X1 fold Ram?

In the ThinkPad X1 fold you get 8GB ram with expandable up to 1TB.

and a 50Wh battery.

It weighs 2.2 pounds

Internet support?
In this, you get 5G support

ThinkPadX1 Nano?

Also, lenovo has also launched the ThinkPad X1 Nano, thinkPad nano has been made the most lite weight ThinkPad weighing 1.99 pounds.

The ThinkPad Nano is based on intel’s new Evo platform, which means this ThinkPad gives you a longer battery life.

Also you get fast charging, and quick boot time.

ThinkPad Nano screen?

If we talk about the screen of thinkPad nano, then you get a 13-inch 2K 16:10 display (with touch and non-touch options).

Lenovo says that it’s about the same height as a 13-inch 16:10 screen. And it comes with a number of AI security features.And it comes with a number of AI security features: it can detect when considering walking by and wake itself up, for example, and lock itself when you walk away.

If we talk about the specs of ThinkPad X1 Nano, then it has given – 11th Gen Intel processors up to an i7.

Nano ram and storage?

In the ThinkPad X1 fold nano you get 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage.
In this, you get 48 Wh battery,

You are also given four 360-degree microphones, and Intel’s Xe integrated graphics. And it supports 5G as well and can run Linux in addition to Windows 10 Pro.

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