Which one is better for blogging ,wordpress vs blogger

start blog in 2021, wordpress or blogger.

start blog in 2021, wordpress or blogger.

Hello, you are thinking of starting a blog and you do not understand which platform you make a blog because the two most popular platforms in the world are blogger and wordpres,

Today I will tell you which platform you should take to start a blogger or wordpress.

Difference between blog and website.

Friends, first of all let us know what is the difference between a blog and a website.

Friends, a website has to work very hard to make it, so many different codings are used in the website.

And to manage the website in the website, you have to have your own team, otherwise you cannot manage the website well.


Blog friends, if you are an expert in anything and you like to write, then you can make a blog of your own.

Friends, anyone can create a blog and can easily manage it, basically in the blog you can write the content according to yourself and publish it on the Internet.

What is a blog and how to use it.

Friends, you can share your personal experience with the world by writing in the blog.

Suppose you are a computer expert and you have a good understanding and knowledge about computers, then you can write a blog about computer.

If you like to write stories, then you can make a blog on it.

Similarly, you can write about mobiles, technolodgy and how to earn money, write a review of something,

Friends, you can become a blogger very easily and you can create your own blog, just so much that you need to like writing.

If you do not like to write, then you do not start blogging then it will be better because you will not be able to succeed in it.

Where to create a blog in word, wordpress or blogger.

Friends, if you are a new blogger in starting and you want to start a blog and that too for free, then you can make a blog on blogger.

Friends blogger is a product of Google which is a content manegement system and it is absolutely free.

Creating a blog on Blogger is very easy, plus it is absolutely free, if you create a blog on Blogger, you get blogspot.com for free.

But friends, if you want to rank your blog on Google quickly, then you can buy a custum domain,

You can make a very good blog on Blogger by investing 500 to 600 rupees,

But you can not decorate your blog in Blogger at your own will because blogger is free, hence it gets limited feature.


Friends, if you have a little knoledge in blogging and you want to make blogging a career, then you must make a blog in wordpress.

To start blogging on WordPress you have to invest something. To use WordPress you have to buy domain and hosting, which can cost from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000.

Friends wordpress is the most popular blogging platform in the world where 60% of all blog websites in the world are used by WordPress.

WordPress is very easy to use, with the help of many free plugins you can rank the blog on Google and customize it according to your mind.

Content is the king.

Friends, no matter what platform your blog is on, if you write a good article, you will definitely rank on Google, whether blogger or wordpress.


Friends, if you are new then you should start with Blogger, later when you learn blogging then you can start your blog on wordpress,
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