Samsung launches a New fitness tracker,in good price

Samsung launches a New fitness tracker fit 2 in india,in good price

Samsung has given a big update to their new product. Samsung has launched their new fitness tracker in the india, the name of fitness  tracker is The galaxy Fit 2.

Samsung launches a New fitness tracker fit 2 in india,in good price

If we  talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2. Fitness traker’s  display, so this fitness tracker come with a 1.1 inch 450 nits AMOLED display.

And it special features come withe over 70 downloadable watch faces.and also it have a  the front touch key is for navigating through functions with wake-up , and home and cancel options.

The users can also set  up to 12 dedicated widgets at a time on the samsung’s new fitness tracker.

If we talk about product’s weight so this fitness tracker only on 21 grams. This is nice. Also it has an indented strap to stop sweat from collecting.

Now we talk about Samsung’s fitness tracker’s battery life it’s importent because more battery give you more backup.

The tracker is have a 159 mAh battery it is a powerful battery if you charged one time then you will use this up to 15 days , and minimum usage withe this give you a 21 days backup.

And this fitness tracker have a five automatic workouts with up to 90 workouts with presetting  from the Samsung  Health library.

The Samsung’s new galaxy fit2 fitness tracker come withe a music controller that gives users to access music on their smart phone.

Also included more features to this fitness tracker like – Sleep scor, hand wash ,and stress Tracking features.

About the features works in fitness tracker ,
Sleep Score helping to analysing auser’s how sleep pattern through four stages of sleep-Awakup,

REM,light with deep and shares insights on the same.

About the hand wash feature in fitness tracker is help users to daily practice safe and healthy habits of washing hands with a smart periodic alarm and timer.

Now we talk about new stress tracking feature in fitness tracker.

Stress tracking feature helps to users keep track of their mind stress levels through the day and suggests a breathing guide in case of a high-stress moments of users.

The best thing is this fitness tracker is water proof,the tracker has 50m water resistance rating and comes with a water lock mode to

prevent accidental activation while swimming by locking the front key.

So let’s talk about samsung Galaxy Fit2 fitness track’s price it’s price is at ₹3,999.

The product colour available in black and scarlet colours

If you want to buy ,The tracker is on sale across, select offline retail stores and

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