How to recover delete domain,how to delete domain.

how to recover and delete to recover deleted domain after .

Friends, today I will tell you how to delete your domain or how to recover a deleted domain by mistake, and I will tell you about godaddy in all the proces, read the article to understand it.

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How to delete domain?

Friends, you can buy a domain from anywhere, but if the easiest site domain.

Someone to buy is,

Domain management is very easy in this,

If you want to delete your domain then it is very easy, first you have to open your godaddy account and then click on my product,

How to delete domain.

The thing to click on my product is to click on the manage domain.

After that click on delete domain on aditional setting below and your domain will be deleted.

delete domain

Friends, you have learned how we can delete your domain, this process is the same on almost all domain sites, which domains are not of your use and you want that no one can visite on that site, then you can use your domain Can be deleted.

How to recover delete domain?

Friends, if your domain is deleted by mistake and you feel that that domain was of your use and you want that domain back then you have the option to buy that domain back, but when you go to buy that domain again So you have to pay 3 times more, but I am going to tell you how you can register that domain back for free.

How to recover deleted domain?

Friends, if you have a domain from your, then you first open your godaddy account, then click on my products then scroll down

How to recover domain.

After that, by clicking on contact us in product page , you tell in live chat that your domain has been deleted by mistake.

And after that if your customer id from you.

And if you ask for the PIN, then you give it, you will get your domain back.

Friends, you must now understand how you can delete or recover domains.

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