who start google,how to make money online 2021.

who start google,how to make money online 2020-2021.

Google company ,who start google,how to make money online 2020-2021.

How to Make money from Google 2020-2021, how to make money from google, when was google established.

Who made Google — when did Google start — how to make money from Google.

When Google was established, that is when Google came among us, do you know from where and how the world’s largest search cloud or search engin google started and how you can earn money from Google, how you can earn money from google is,

How Google was founded and who created Google.

Google is basically an american company which is the largest search engine in the world which is used by the most people in the world, a lot of search engins exist apart from Google, but Google is the most used in the world.

Google was founded by two students of Stanford University doing P.H.D, namely- Larry Page and sergey Brin. Both these students are also known as google guys. google was founded in menlo park, california 4 september 1998 as a private company.

Its first public function / service started on 19 August 2004. On this day Larry Page, sergey Brin and eric schmidt agreed to work together at Google for the next twenty years (2024).

Google is headquartered right now – Googleplex Mountain View, California, United States of america, the current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai.

Google is primarily designed for Internet connected services, and employs over 1 lakh employees.

These companies are also associated with Google – YouTube, DoubleClick, On2 Technologies, Google Voice, Picnic (software), adword, Admob and adsens are also associated with Google.

This is how google got started but now we will know how to earn money from google, so let’s know.

What does Google pay for?
Mainly Google earns money through adword and adsens, which gets some persentage with google or people working in google, whenever you work on any product of google, your partnership with google is google which Also, ad shows on your content, Google keeps some persentage of revenue generated from it and gives you something as well.

How to make money from Google.

You can’t do any work on Google adsens friends adsens, but the fun thing is that adsens is the one that gives you money to work on the internet, shows adsense in Blogger, Youtube, websites, you have seen often Ads come on any websites or youtube, where these ads go to adsens ad, when you click on these ads, the person whose ad is being shown on the website or youtube video gets money, but to get approval of adsens, lots of The rule is if you follow all these rules then you will get adsens approval.

Who gives ads or ads to Google adsens.

Google gives google adens ad to adsens, suppose you have a shirt shop and you want to advertise it on the internet and you ran your ad on adword and it is the job of adsens to show the same ad in the right place.

Earn money from blogger or website.

Blogger is one such plateform of google where you can write articles like website, on blogger you can earn millions by writing posts on topics like news, technolodgy, beuty, fitness, sayari, kahaniya,
Blogger is a very good platform to earn money but you have to publish your own written post i.e. oroginal content.

If you post someone else’s content, then Google will remove so much algoritm from Google and you will not get approval of adsens because of duplicate content, because adsens only show ads, which earns you.

How to make money with youtube.

Everyone watches videose in youtube but do you know how big a way to earn youtube, you can become a successful person by working on youtube, on youtube you can earn money as well as your name and your fan following too. Can grow.

Youtube gives creators a chance to earn a lot of money by monetizing their videose, especially the main way to earn money from youtube is after you monetize adsens youtube channel, when did google come between us, do you know Where and how did the world’s largest search cloud or search engin google started and how can you earn income from google, how you can earn money from google,

How to make money from admob.

Friends, in this round every person walks around with a lot of applications in their smartphone, there will be some apps on your mobile too which ads show as soon as they open, admob shows the add to these apps, thereby earning the app owner. Friends, every day new applications are coming on google playstore, and people are also downloading them, so the app maker is getting a lot of money.

If you want, you can also create your own app, if you don’t have any developer, but you have the money to build an app, then you can find a good developer and develop your desired app, and it istore, or google playstore But by getting published, admob of admob can earn good specials.

Friends, as I told you on this post, you may find it easy but if you can work hard then only you can get wasted in this field or else, because without working hard you cannot succeed. .

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