How to get traffic on your personal blog

How to get traffic on your blog,how to increase traffic on your 4 ways

If you have a personal blog or website, then almost all people adopt the most opular way to bring traffic in it, and that popular way is search engines.

How to get traffic on your blog,how to increase traffic on your blog.

Once your content gets listed on google in the first page of google and your keyword starts to rank in the first page, then you start getting its benefit.

But what if your content does not rank on google, but today we will tell you about some other sources from which free traffic will come to your personal blog or website without search engin.

That is, if your content does not rank on Google, then traffic will definitely come to your website and your blog or website will also rank on Google after some time.

Google keeps making changes in its rules from time to time, due to which the orgainic search and traffic in your personal blog or website reduces.

But there is no need to panic, let us know how, even without search engines, you are distracted by traffic on your personal blog or website, and you can keep your buisness running.

1. Social media

Social media is a very popular source to bring traffic to your personal blog or website, but it needs to be done properly, there are many bloggers who have gained a lot of traffic through social media.

But there are also many bloggers who are just wasting their time on social media.

If you have to bring a lot of traffic from social media to your personal blog or website, then first join some such social media platform.

You can join platforms like youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, google keen, qura,etc. After that, slowly build your followers and build followers with trust.

To grow your social media account, share posts daily, do not share any smapy posts.

If your followers comment or share on the post you have shared, then do reply them. If you talk with your followers well then you will share your post more and more, so that both your followers and visitors will grow.

2.Guest posting

Friends, there are many advantages of guest posting, digital marketers are using guest posting more. Guest posting gives them backlink which increases the SEO of blog and website.

You must have seen many times that a marketer writes a post to sirf on his blog and he starts to rank. This is possible only when you are taking backlinks from many blogs and websites.

If you are guest posting on a blog, then you can generate traffic to your blog from that blog and make your personal blog secsesfull.

Make sure to reply to the comments on your guest post, and also share the post on social media.

If you are guest posting on a website,
So keep posting continuously, or the users will leave your article untouched and your traffic may be down.

3 . Create your Email list

Email list Most bloggers and digital marketers are collecting emails of users at this time, which they are benefiting immensely,

Whenever he launches any broduct or posts any blog, the information of it reaches the direct users, which instantly brings traffic to your blog.

It may take some time for your users email list to grow but its benifit is many.

How can you collect emails

First of all signup in free email service provider, you will get many email service providers.

You have to chose free email marketing service and create an account in it, you do not need to pay for it. Most of the Email Service Providers provide the option to easily add the signup form.

First of all you have to creat the form of signup on your blog so that users can singup your blog.

If you are using wordpress then there are many plugins in wordpress with the help of which you can create a signup form.

For the most part, to show the signup form you have to paste html code into your blog.

After that, as soon as users signup your blog or website, their email will be included in your list, then after that you can keep them updated via email.

4. Pinterest

Friends, as you all should know that pinterest has become a big search engin now, people in pinterest call the post as pin,

You can verify your website by creating your account in pinteret and bring traffic to your website.

To get traffic from Pinterest, you need to have title and discription with the image of best quality,

Along with the posts in Pinterest, you must also share the link of your post so that the visitors can direct your website. Apart from this, you can also share the link of your website directly in pinterest.

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