Approved ways to get more traffic on your blog in 2021

how to get more traffic for your blog in 2021

If you are creating or have created a wordpress website, then you have entered the world of,2021

how to get more traffic for your blog,2021

WordPress is the world’s most popular free CMS, that is, content management system, more than 60% of the world’s blogs and websites are wordpress based.

If your blog is on wordpress but still not having visitors on your blog, and you are publishing daily uniq content on your blog, then still you are not able to gain visitors, then this is a big problem.

Friends, I have already written an article on my blog about how you can bring traffic to your blog.

But in this article, I will tell you how you can bring traffic to your wordpress site in some other way, without advertising your website, you cannot bring traffic to the website.

If you want the best result on your website blog then definitely try this solution


Exchange Links with Similar Blogs

The topic on which you are creating a blog is to first search websites or blogs like yours and contact them with their owners.

There are many bloggers who search blogs to exchange links just like you, by sharing a link with another website, you can create a backlink.

By doing this, the link connection of your blog will be strengthened, which will increase the chances of getting traffic to your blog.

Join facebook groups

Friends, you must join bloggers groups in facebook, there are many blogger groups in facebook in which link exchange, meaning backlink is given and taken.

By sharing your posts in Facebook blogger groups, you can bring some traffic to your website very easily.

Engage with Members on Forums

According to your blog which is the niche of your blog
There are many such forum communities, you can join forums according to the topic of your blog.

Once you join multiple forums, after that you start giving your link by giving a link to your blog, more people will generate your blog and more visitors will come to your site.

Build a Social Media Presence

Creating an identity on social media is not so easy, but here you can create your account for free.

Unless traffic arrives on a new blog, then your blog will not come in the eyes of Google, social media will be very helpfull in bringing traffic to your blog.

On social media, you have to make a good profile, share posts in it daily and maintain a connection with your followers,

By doing this your social media followers will become your blog visiters and you will benefit greatly.

Start PPC Campain

PPC Campain means (Pay Per Click) PPC campaign is a little expensive but the easiest way is to advertise your blog online.

You can run your campaign through google adwords, google adwords is the most popular and famous way to run PPC campaign.

Through PPC Campaign your website or blog will be shown through advertising all over the world and your website will bring traffic from all over the world, and your blog can be popular within a few days.

Thanks for reading

Friends, these were some other ways by which you can bring traffic to your blog, share this blog and please do your comment.

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