How to get Google Adsense approval in blog 2021,guide

How to get Google Adsense approval in blog 2021,guide

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How to get Google Adsense approval in blog 2021,guide

Hello friends, today I am going to guide you for Google Adsense approval in 2021, for website and blog.

Friends, if you have created your website or blog, then you must definitely want that you earn from adsense.

Apart from Adsense, there are many ways through which you can earn, but google adsense is the easiest way to earn from website and blog.

Let’s understand in an easy way how to get the approval of Google adsense in your blog or website.

Content is the king, write uniq content

If you have created your blog or website, then the most importent thing is your content, you have to write uniq content for your website or blog first.

Now the question arises here how to write uniq content, because there is already a lot of content in Google,

To write content, you have to follow some website and blog according to your niche, and write the idea from their article to your blog.

You do not have to paste content copy, as you have written in those websites or blogs, you have to write that article in your own style by making it uniq.

In the beginning, you must write your blog post 400 to 600 words, you must write an article for so many words to get google adsense approval.

Create SEO friendly post

How to write SEO friendly post, To write seo friendly post, you have to write maximum 20 words in one paragraph.

While writing the post, add image to the post, it is necessary for image seo, internal and external linking is to be done in the blog post.

The title of the blog post should not be more than 58 words, the title up to 58 words is seo friendly.

Create categories and MENU for your website and blog

To get Google adsense approval, you have to make your nevigation system super.

You have to put minimum 4 catogories in your menu and write some posts in all the catogories.

If your menu and catogories do not work properly and you have not written posts in catogories then you will not get approval of google adsense.

Create pages for your blog and website

You have to create pages for your website or blog which should have – contact us, privecy policy, about, terms and conditions, pages.

You can use free page generator for websit to create pages.

You have to put all these pages in the footer baar or footer of your website or blog,

How much post need for google adsense approval

If you have to take google adsense approval in one to two times, then you have to write minimum 20 to 25 posts in your website or blog.

Index your article in webmaster

After publishing your post, you have to keep in mind that your article has been indexed in google, to index the article, submit your website or blog to google webmaster.

After complet all steps

After following all the steps, you have to apply for google adsense 99 persent chance that your website or blog will get adsense aprroval.

Last words

Friends, thank you very much for reading this post written by me, I hope that you have helped with this post, share this post and do share your comment.

Sk Ali
Hello friends I am sk naim ali admin of this website, friends I love reading and writing and sharing my knowledge with all of you,please support and give your love to me and my website blog.

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