How to earn money online in 2021, how to earn money sitting at home?Best way.

How to earn money online in 2021, how to earn money sitting at home?

Hello friends, my name is Sk Naim Ali, today I am going to tell you how you can earn money online by sitting at home from where you can earn money in a very good way, this article is very useful to beginners to help him to earn money online in simple way ,

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How to earn money online in 2021, how to earn money sitting at home? Let’s start .

Friends, who does not want to earn a lot of money sitting at home in digital time, no one is worried about jobs, nor do you have to beg for a break from work and there is no problem of getting up early in the morning to spoil your sleep, how to earn money online, if you ask this question to google, then I will tell you how to earn money, how to earn money online.

Earn money with affiliate marketing

Number one is on affiliate marcketing affiliate marcketing is one such way to earn money online which has become a way to earn much more money in today’s time and people are earning lakhs of months.

What is Affiliat marcketing, in Friends affiliate marcketing, you actually have to share the products or goods of amazon, or other online shopping websites on social platforms like facebook, pinterest, instagram, websit, or face to face blog, or link and As soon as a person buys any product from your shared links, then you get incom genarate or commission from that product, you can try affiliate marcketing.

Earn money with blogging.

Friends, the second best way to earn online is blogging, friends blogging, now you are reading this article,

this is also a part of blogging, you can start blogging for free and blogging by paying more There are many sites to do such as wordpress,, and many more,

but if you are new and do not have much money, you can create your blog in google’s blogger absolutely free if you buy a domain from your blogger. If you put in, your blog will show on google quickly and you can earn money by placing adsens ads in your blog, but you have to write by yourself or else google adsens will not get approval.

Earn money with youtube.

Friends YouTube Youtube is a social platform where you get tons of videos, after Google, YouTube is the world’s largest search engin and millions of videos of your work will be found here friends.

Many videos like entertainmen, news, gaming, technolodgy, on YouTube They are uploaded and they are seen by searching on youtube, if you want to talk about how to earn money from youtube then it is absolutely easy what you want to share with the world,

you just make a video and upload it on youtube You have to pay tax and when your YouTube channel is eligibale for monetizetion, then you can earn money from youtube by placing an ad of Google adsens on your videos.

Friends, there are many ways in the world that you can earn money online, but I have told you something easy and such ways that you can trust, if you like this post,then share it and subscribe to my blog, we published more articles like this , thankyou for reading have a nice day.

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