how to connect domain to hosting,set 2nd domain easy

how to connect domain to hosting,connect domain with your hosting.

Hello friends, today I will tell you how you can connect your domain with the hosting server.

If you have already connected the domain with your hosting and if your hosting plan allows you to connect another domain.

If your hosting plan allows you to add another domain, then you can easily add another domain as well.

Try this post carefully and it is guarentee that you will be able to connect your domain with hosting.

how to add domain?

Friends, first of all, if you are buying hosting and linking the domain with it, then you have to go to the hosting site first.

First open the hosting site, then login to the cpanel of your hosting and then search for addon domain

how to connect domain to hosting

After that you have to click on addon domain.

After clicking on Addon domain, you have to type your domain name, if you want to add a subdomain then after adding the subdomain the document root will be selected automatically.

After doing this whole way, click on add domain. And your domain will be add.

how to connect domain to hosting

Update DNS record in hosting?

After adding the domain you will have to go to the DNS management of the domain and update the name server or else the domain will not work with hosting.

If your domain is transferred to hosting, then you go back to cpanel and then search DNS.

After clicking on DNS you have to choos the domain and click on conform your domain will be connected securely.

How to change domain name nserver?

If you have taken the domain from a site like godaddy and you are not transferring to the domain hosting, just connecting then you will have to change the nameserver.

First you have to login to your domain provider site and then click on domain DNS.

After clicking DNS, you have to change the domain’s namserver with the hosting’s namserver.

At some point of this setting, your domain will connect succsesfully with hosting.

Today article.

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