how do you make money on youtube and how to youtube pay money

how do you make money on youtube
how do youtubers make money

The making money on youtube,how to make money on youtube

Hello friends, Making money on youtube,can you know the youtube makes the people as internet celebrity,and youtube gives to him a biggest opportunity to Making money on youtube.

how do you make money on youtube and how to youtube pay money
Making money on youtube

Youtubers earning huge money to uploading the content to youtube channel, and also  earning huge fans, are called subscribers.(making money on YouTube)

And the good things is on YouTube is you can upload any types of videose that’s mean you can upload vidose – entertainment,funny videose,review, unboxing,teaching,technology videose,and news.(making money on YouTube)

So let’s start about how to making money on YouTube

Is youtube paid or free?

Youtube is the a absolutely free to  upload videos on YouTube,that’s mean if you want to create youtube channel is free of cost to create channel on YouTube and upload videos.

How to create youtube channel?

This is a simple process to create youtube channel,  first you have to go on the youtube app and create youtube  channel name and done,second is go on the and create here channel.

Here we tell you only how you can creat youtube channel if you want to full article on how you can create youtube channel comment on bellow with #youtube  .

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When does youtube pay?

If you created a youtube channel and you ar uploading videose on your channel , youtube not instantly pay you money for your videose.

First you have to eligible for youtube partner program it’s means you have to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1k subscribers under 1 year.

Wich categories videos generate more money on YouTube?

The many categories videose are available on youtube but tech category is the high paying category its mean youtube give the best ads on tech videos.and making money on YouTube.

Making money on YouTube how to make money on YouTube all steps

Join YouTube partner program and earn from video ads

The first revenue source to making money on YouTube is youtube partner program, ads monetization on join youtube partner program you have to complete 1k subscribers and 4000hours in past year.

How to enable your youtube monetization

If you complete your watch time and subscribers then you have to go on and sign in to your account.

You have to click on the your account in top right corner, then find youtube studio and click on YouTube studio.

Then in the left side see the monetization click on it and accept term then you have to create adsense account if you have a existing adsense account link with this.

Congratulations your youtube account now connected with adsense, you can now making money on YouTube with video ads .

How many views need to making money on YouTube

The youtube not give money you on your video views, youtube paying money for clicks on your video ads.

That’s mean if your videos getting millions of views it’s not sure you getting more money this video,but if your  your video topics is tech and products , and review related so you get more money with less views.

Sell your products or merchandise

This is the best feature on YouTube to making money on YouTube, this feature help you for income extra money to sell your merchandise on YouTube.

Merchandise means – coffee mug,cup,cap,T-shirt -snapbacks,bags,with your designed.

To start selling merchandise on your youtube channel, first you have to connect your account with your youtube channel, then  you have to create products on and give your price and sell it on YouTube channel .

Create live streaming

Go live on YouTube youtube gives this feature on live streaming time to fans can donate money to youtubers , if any subscribers donate money to the youtuber YouTube donates money to content creaters and shares with them.

Affiliate link  in discription

If you are already joined with affiliate program that’s a good idea to give a affiliate link in video description, you can paste the link on description and say to subscribers to buy from this link,

If your youtube videos getting good views every day so your chance is increase to more persons can click on your affiliate link and buy your products. And you get more money from youtube.( Making money from youtube)

Promote products and brands

To promote brands you have to choose one topics that you make video  it can be technology,entertainment ,tech,comedy,beauty,education, thats mean You will get the same brand as you upload the video,

The brands give you more money to promoting there products on your youtube channel.


Hello friends my name is Naim, in today’s this article we have discussed about how to making money on YouTube in short way,

I have not written the article too long, so that you do not have trouble in understanding, YouTube is going to bring more ways to earn money from YouTube in the coming time, till then you can use these methods.

I think you understand something from my blog please share and comment your thoughts.

Sk Ali
Hello friends I am sk naim ali admin of this website, friends I love reading and writing and sharing my knowledge with all of you,please support and give your love to me and my website blog.

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