How is 5g different from 4g,5g danger


how is 5g diffrent from 4g?

China is very much concerned about 5G at this time. It is active and is going ahead on this, due to which many countries of the world are worried about 5G, many people say that 5G can become a big danger for people.

Let’s know how the 5G started.

How is 5g different from 4g,5g danger

This was the first wirless phone in the 80’s in the wireless selphone,

which is why it is called 1G which means generation it used to talk to each other remotely but it used to work on analog signals, followed by 2G but Not on 2G analog singnals like 1G but instead adopted digital signals,

so that the phone signals were safe and messeges could be sent to the phone, along with telecommunication, internet started coming slowly,

realizing the need of internet in the 21st century. The entry of 3G made 3G a lot of internet speed, but to make it better, it was upgraded to 4G so that the internet speed can be better,

but now we are standing in a time where talking about 5G According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineer, the speed of 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G,

according to institute of electrical and electronics engineer it used to take 10 minut to download movies with 4G with high defination, but 5G to 1 second can be downloaded, meaning internet. Speed ​​is complete as soon as the eyelids blink.

What can benefit from 5G?

In this era, some such technolodgy is being developed which is going to be very useful in our life or may be needed in our future, such as autonomaus vehicles which can go anywhere without driver itself, virtual reality which is your gaming or Can improve the experience of videos,

And the most important for which 5G is being developed is super fast internet, in which 5G will be very much needed, because if fast internet is there then all this is possible.

How is 5G different from 4G?

What is this in 5G that makes it 100 times more powerful than 4G, it has used 5 very big technolodgy in 5G, let’s know.

  1. Millimeter vawes means high frequency vawes which is what gives 5G immense speed. Which has not been used in 4G, or 3G before.
  2. 2.small sells in 5G which is high frequency vawes it cannot reach very far, so small towers will be installed so that there will be no problem of internet when 5G will be fully spread then small towers will be installed every 250 meters, Which will be very small, which can be easily installed in buildings.
  3. 3.Massive Mimo which will be mounted on small towers of 5G. It is a methoud that manages multiple singles simultaneously from radio antenna. It is used in 4G but 4G has around 12 antenna ports, but 5G has approx. There will be 100 antenna ports, but due to more antennae there will be more singles which can cause problems.Signal INTERFAIRENS is therefore the 4th major change to make the 5G signal work well.
  4. 4.Beamforming When we rock in a pond or river, a wave is produced from it and it propagates in an equal way around it, similarly a similar wave comes out from radio antina which is called frequency, massiv mimo The problem with this is that it has too many antina ports and has to stop the interfairens of a lot of singles coming out of it, beamforming is a traffic signal system that will show signals the right way. Another advantage of beamforming that emits from antina In which direction to place the vawes which are weak so that the network is not weakened.
  5. 5.Full Duplex It is used for single lane to double lane which is usually single lane, basically sell tawars with live transricievers, they can do the same thing at a time, or t signals from them. Can go or come, but full Duplex so that the signal can go and come at the same time. This is 5 big technolodgy which makes 5G more powerful than 4G.
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