FAU-G game the alternative of PUBG,in 2021

FAU-G game is Super game.

Hello friends, ever since PUBG has been banned in India, it is as if the heart of PUBG players has also been broken,

PUBG’s craze was so much in India that pubg was available on almost every phone.

But the Government of India has banned PUBG in India due to some security resions.

After PUBG is banned, other games at the playstore have benefited a lot, especially Indian games.

After PUBG is banned, another game is running in the name of FAU-G.

Friends, another game is going to be launched in India soon called FAU-G, which has been given by bollywood superstar akshay Kumar on Twitter.

Today I will tell you some information about FAU-G.

FAU-G game , FAU-G game full information.

FAU-G game , FAU-G game full details.

Friends, let us first know what is the full form of FAU-G, that is, what is the full name of FAU-G game.

Full form of FAU-G (Fearless and united guards) FAU-G game is designed keeping Indian soldiers in mind.

You will not only play this game but you will learn a lot from this game also, you will also learn a lot about the sacrifices of the soldiers of India by playing the FAU-G game.

FAU-G is an online multiplayer game?

Friends FAU-G is a multiplayer online game that means you can play with a lot of people in it just like a pubg.

20% Net reveneu will be donated.

The amount of revenue generated by the number of people playing the FAU-G game will be donated 20℅ to the bharat ke veer trust.

Where is the company making FAU-G game?

It will be a big thing for India that the company making the FAU-G game is the only company in India.

What is the name of the company making the FAU-G game?

Friends, FAU-G is making the game the gaming company (ncore) of bangalore in India.

Who is this devolopper of FAU-G game?

It is believed that vishal gondal can make this game, which is linked to ncore company.

Vishal Gondal is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the founder and CEO of GOQii, and previously founded the game development and publishing company Indiagames, which he sold to DisneyUTV Digital, The Walt Disney Company in 2011. Wikipedia

Born: 14 July 1976 (age 44 years), Mumbai

Education: University of Mumbai

Residence: Mumbai

Other name: Vishy, ​​VG

Organizations founded: GOQii, UTV Indiagames.

Can FAU-G be altrnative of PUBG?

Friends, if you have a question that FAU-G can be altrnative of PUBG or not, then you can not say anything till the launch of the game.

Friends, now just have to wait patiently and wait for the game to be launched, what will the game be like, it can be talked about after the game is launched.

FAU-G launch date?

No date for the launch of the FAU-G game is currently fixed, but it could be launched by the end of Coctober or in November.

Friends game has been mired in controversy before launch
It is believed that the poster of FAU-G shared on Twitter has been copied.

Copy does not mean the poster of any other game. Copy means the poster shared by FAU-G is taken from Sutterstock.

This means that the poster of FAU-G being shared at this time is a poster shared by someone else on sutterstock.

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Friends, if this game is popular then it will be a very important thing for Indians, and we all Indians wish this game to be better than pubg.

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