Blog post ideas,Top10 easy blog ideas to grow your blog fast

Blog post ideas,Top10 easy blog idea grow blog

Blog topic ideas, blog post ideas for beginners

Friends, blogging is easy but it is very difficult to remain a blogger, and if we talk about wordpress, then wordpress is at the forefront of the best blogging platform.

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Blog post ideas,Top10 easy blog idea grow blog

But to start blogging, you have to find post ideas related to correct niche.

If you write a post on any niche well, then traffic on your blog will definitely be satart.

If you are thinking that after writing some posts on your blog, now traffic will start coming to your blog, then it is absolutely wrong.

To bring traffic to your blog, you have to update the posts on your blog every day.

If you do not have a topic to write a blog post, then in this post I will give you some ideas that you can use to write your blog post.

Below I am sharing with you in some blog post ideas, if you are new bloggers then you can choose some of these topics.

These blog post ideas will help increase your blog traffic.

Get opinion from others experts

You can take the opinion of some experts related to your niche, if you are working on a particular niche and you do not have idea about that niche.

Then you can ask the experts related questions from that niche and use their answers to write your blog posts in a great way.

Publish informative tutorials

Most people search on Google, which means people seek solutions to different types of problems.

If you are an expert in something and you can solve the problems related to it, then you can write traffic on it and take traffic to your blog.

You can write an article in the blog with short videose tutorials.

Interviews of famous persons and bloggers

Friends, in today’s time, many bloggers are writing blogs about interviews with other famous persons and bloggers, which attracts a lot of visitors.

You have to interview such people who are successful in their lives and they have archived a lot.

You just have to write the story behind their success in your blog post, people love to read such posts too.

You can share such posts on social media and take traffic to your blog very easily.

Latest news topics

You can make your blog viral very easily by writing articles on trending news topics.

You can use google trends to write articles on news topics.

But in news articles, visitors come only for 24 to 48 hours, after that the possibility of traffic coming to your blog is negligible.

If your news article goes viral, then you can take traffic of millions in a day.

Use Question Hub

You can submit your article to the question center by writing an article to answer questions related to your niche by joining the question hub of google.

By using Question hub, you will not have any shortage of topics and you will be able to share the link of your article to direct users.

Question hub lists the questions to be searched in google on question hub, and you can write its answer article and give it to the searching person.

Use top 10 for your article

Top 10 is the most searched on Google like Top 10 gaming laptop, if someone wants to buy something, then they first search on Google Top 10 and then the name of the product.

In the same way, you can write an article like top10 top 5, you must also search for such keywords.

Use Quora to find topics

Friends, you must have heard about quora, people in quora do a variety of questions and also answer them,

You can choose topics from quora for your blog, and by sharing a link to your article on quora, you can take traffic to your blog.

Products comparisons and reviews

You can comperison and review any produts to write your blog post.

Before buying any new product, search and review about it on google.

And there is a lot of traffic in such websites, you can tell about the newly launched products, in addition to review and comparisons about the products of the company like amazone.

Add videos on your blog

Google is giving more priority to videos at this time, if you add articles along with writing articles in your blog post, then the chance of ranking your articles is increased.

You can also embed your youtube video in your post, by putting video in blog post, user stays in your blog for longer.

And traffic also comes more in your blog,

inspirational quotes

If you like to write quotes, then tell you that people love reading quotes,

People love Motivational and love quotes a lot, if you are creating a blog on top of the quotes, then you also get very good traffic in it.

Last words

You have to select only those topics in which your interest is, only then you will be able to run a blog well.

Apart from all these topics, there are many other topics on which you can create a blog, but I have shared some easy topics with you.

If this post is useful for you, then share this post and let us know by commenting your opinion.

Sk Ali
Hello friends I am sk naim ali admin of this website, friends I love reading and writing and sharing my knowledge with all of you,please support and give your love to me and my website blog.

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