best blogging platforms in 2021

Blog sites which is best blog sites for start blogging

best blogging platforms in 2021 you can start blog from here in 2021

Friends if you are looking to blogging platforms, and searching to start your profesional blog ,but you dont know what is the best blogging platforms for start your own blog sites.

Many sites is available to start  blog  , but how you can choose which one is  right  for build your blog.

Friends , in today’s this article I  help you to choose the right blog sites  with the world’s most popular blogging platforms

here are most popular and easy blog sites available, with the help of you can create your own blog.

What is easy blog sites and what things is important to before start bloging

If you are a new blogger and you have no codings knowledge Then this blog sites is are best for all persons who have no coding knowledge.

Esy to customize this is the most important things to start blog, every blog needs to customization and looks great for best user experience.

Let’s know about some blog sites to start your own blog


best blogging platforms in 2021, you can start blog from here in 2021

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform wich is help you to creat your blog in a minute,

WordPress is started in 2003, if we talk about wordpress’s power so guys, more than 40% blogs and websites on the internet created from wordpress.

WordPress is the open source software it means you can build your self hosted site in here.and customize your site what you want.

What is self hosted ,self hosted means you have to buy hosting and hosting service provider give you the cpanel for installing wordpress in your domain hosting.

WordPress is a great option to creat blog sites, wordpress give you to authority to build your blog is you want,

You can also add extra feature to your blog like many forums,paid membership,online stores,and many options.

WordPress is give you free thems ,plugins to creat your blog more eye-catching ,and plugin help to customize your blog and make SEO settings easy for you.

But wordpress not giving you any security for secur your blog you have to buy paid plugins,

If you want to creat your blog sites on wordpress,you have to must buy domain and hosting,domain and hosting’s total price around $100 .

Many hosting and domain providers available but you have to see it’s review before buy best.

more for blogging


Blogger, create blogspot account

Blogger is a Google’s company, and blogger is free for blogging ,blogger offers to creat blog more easy and quick.

Blogger is a most earliest blogging platform,
Blogger is created by and launched in 1999 by pyra labs, after in 2003 google  acquired Blogger and make some changes to this .

Blogger is free platform for blogging ,you can creat your blog sites here in free of cost.

You dont need to have technical knowledge to creat blog on blogger and very easy.

Blogger is a secure blogging platform because it is a Google’s product and we know Google’s security is the top security.

But Blogger gives you to limited features it’s means you can’t add more features on your blog sites.and your blogs not look profesional.

You can’t design your blog as you want , because blogger provide you oldest templates, if you want to new blogger template then you have to download third-party templates and upload on your blog.

The worst things about Blogger is Blogger getting updates after years,

The google have to authority to delete your blog account and suspend your blog permanently,without gives you warning.

But I recommend you to use blogger with using custom domain as you beginner writing  posts on blogger when you getting traffic on your blog you can sift on wordpress.


Tumblr creat blog on tumblr

Tumblr is not same to other bloging platform,tumblr is a microblogging platform
It has social networking features like you can follow onter blogs, built-in sharing tools,reblogging,and also includes more features.

Tumblr is a very easy to setup your blog and also it han an integrated social media component.

If you want to creat tumblr account tumblr is give you subdomain example if you want to use other domain then you have to buy your custom domain.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform as a microblogging tools,audio format,GIFs,images,and videose add quickly to your blog post.

The problem here in tumblr is have limited features,limited features is bad for glowing your blog.

You can use tumbler absolutely free no need to pay anything tumblr give you a domain but you want to use your own domain then you have to buy custom domain.

Medium,creat blog on medium

The most popular blogging platform launched in 2012 you can easily create your blog on, on the many writers bloggers and experts he  write on medium everyday. like another social platforms you just go on medium and create your account with your gmail, not support custom domains.

For using you don’t need to cooding knowledge it’s very easy like write post on facebook,

It allows you to reach an existing online community of people of similar interests.

The disadvantage of Medium is you can not connect your custom domain,that is the reason you lose your global audience.

Medium is free to use, but you can’t earn money from it you can’t monetize your  blog
That’s why most users have a own blog on wordpress  and he only just want traffic from medium. create website on wix

The was founded in 2006 as platform,where anyone and everyone could start their own powerful website.

The wix.come is easy to use no need coding skills for creating your own website or blog, wix have a 120 million all over the world.

Wix is a hosted platform to start blog and websites,wix provide a solution for your small businesses to create your website.

The wix gives offers to you ,you ca  customize your site using many of templates and third party services.

The best thing of wix is you can build your website with easy drag and drop tools, no codings skills needed for build website or blog.

But wix also gives you limited features like you can’t change your them after set, wix shows their ads on your blog. Also many features are limited in free for  use

You can’t connect custom domain in free plan. You need to buy paid plans to use all features on

Last words

If you all ask me wich blog site platform is better so I think wordpress an better from all blogging platforms .

Hello friend my name is Naim, i think you get some knowledge from my article please share and subscribe this blog.

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